The school provides continuous education for pupils up to eleven years of age. Within the school there are four departments. Pupils are class-based and have their own teacher but they may be taught by another teacher for certain subjects and taught in groups such as Maths and English.

  • Early Years Foundation Stage, known as Year R
  • Key Stage 1, covers Lower School for Years 1 & 2
  • Key Stage 2 includes Middle School for Years 3 & 4 and Upper School for Years 5 & 6

The School Day

Morning Sessions: Gates will open at 8:35am and will be closed at 8:45am to ensure a prompt start
8.45am – Start of the day
Lunchtime: 12.00 noon – 1.10pm – Foundation and Lower School
12.15pm – 1.10pm – Middle School and Upper School
Afternoon Session: 1.10pm – 3.15pm

The school week is 32.5 hours long.