At Aldryngton Primary School we believe that children should acquire both the knowledge and skills of second (or multi) language learning to liberate from insularity as it provides an opening to other cultures, whilst also helping to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain. We teach French as our Modern Foreign Language throughout Key Stage 2.

Our curriculum has been designed to cover both statutory and non-statutory aspects of the National Curriculum. We follow the Cave Languages mixed aged scheme of work which uses the phonetics of French throughout.

Being at the heart of such a diverse community we welcome children sharing with us and their peers a snapshot of their home life and culture through the many languages that make up part of our school; for instance, by answering the register in their mother tongue.


Great care has been taken to ensure that the values of Aldryngton are embedded in our approach to language learning. From building up the children’s understanding of how to construct their own utterances and sentences in French through to resilience and creativity of testing out their new vocabulary and sounds; and joining in with songs and rhymes in the MFL.


We are fortunate to also be able to provide further opportunities for children to enjoy language learning in KS2 with a weekly German language club run by students from Blue Coat School. This enables children to get a flavour of another language that they may encounter once they transition to secondary school after year 6.