Curriculum Vision Statement

Aldryngton Primary School is located in an area, rich in history and geography. The school itself is located in the grounds of a former manor house, which was demolished in 1960, to make way for the modern development of our community. We are also located in area that is rich in physical geography with the River Thames and Maiden Erlegh Lake nearby. Aldryngton Primary School is located in a suburban area, but is close by to more urban environments (Reading) as well as surrounding areas of the countryside. Modern day Earley is diverse and we celebrate all the different cultures that make our school a great place to be. As a result of this rich history and geography, the school has made the strategic choice to have a greater emphasis on history and geography topics as part of our curriculum offer.

There is a belief that every child can succeed. We believe firmly in the benefits of purposeful practice and we regularly review the impact of what we teach. We recognise that each child is an individual and we celebrate what each child brings to our school community. Nevertheless, we all endeavour to ensure that children learn the key skills of empathy and understanding to enable teamwork.

The Aldryngton curriculum has three key drivers that are underpinned in our daily learning:

  • Reading and Vocabulary
    We believe firmly that in order for continued future success, we should know and understand a greater range of vocabulary. Therefore, we regularly introduce, share and discuss new vocabulary in a range of different ways. We also understand the importance of building a love of reading and expose the children to a diverse range of texts. Reading is knowledge.
  • Problem Solving
    We recognise that in order to be prepared for future success, children should be able to apply problem solving in all areas of the curriculum. Our topics have a large umbrella question that is investigated throughout the unit of work. We value resilience and creativity, which are key features or problem solving. We also develop reasoning.
  • Collaboration
    We are a caring community where we look to support one another. To be a successful team, we teach the skills of communication and active listening. As a school, we believe in continuous improvement and are keen to collaborate with families, other schools and organisations.

The Aldryngton curriculum also has six key values that we use to guide and develop the children. These are also interlinked within our three key drivers:

  • Understanding
    We seek to understand one another and the impact that we have both locally and globally.
  • Diversity
    We celebrate difference and the uniqueness that we all bring to the school.
  • Resilience
    We believe in a growth mindset approach and continuous improvement.
  • Creativity
    We recognise that there are many different ways of finding a solution and value fresh new ideas.
  • Respect
    We are tolerant to each other and show mutual respect.
  • Kindness
    We are compassionate and support each other.