At Aldryngton Primary School we believe that children should acquire both the knowledge and skills to be a mathematician. We aim to deliver a high-quality mathematics education providing “a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject” (National Curriculum for Mathematics).

Maths is promoted as a valuable and enjoyable subject, with emphasis on the secure knowledge of basic facts. Strategies are taught to develop fluency, recall and application. Regular revision of key facts, concepts or previous learning features in lessons, often as a starter or introductory activity. New concepts are taught using practical apparatus and consolidated using the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach, while teaching for Mastery elements: fluency, reasoning mathematically and problem solving are included in lessons.

We use White Rose to support maths planning and pupil work, but it is our intention to supplement the worksheets with a variety of other resources, allowing pupils to apply, consolidate and deepen their knowledge through fun, practical and creative activities. Pupils are encouraged to make connections, not only between different aspects of maths, but also with other subject areas.

Our curriculum has been designed to cover both statutory and non-statutory aspects of the National Curriculum.

The learning of multiplication facts is very important and we track pupils success with learning their tables and related division facts. Please see below for the order of learning:

Year Group Multiplication Tables Expected to be Taught and Learnt
Year 2 2, 5, 10
Year 3 3, 4, 8
Year 4 6, 7, 9, 11, 12

Extra Curricular opportunities

Each year we run mathematical themed events:

e.g. NSPCC Number day – an opportunity for fundraising while having fun with numbers

KS2 Times Tables Challenge – to promote learning tables facts and use of Times Tables Rockstars

Upper School Board Games Club

Times Tables Rockstars:

For multiplication tables practice. Pupils have a school log-in

Hit the Button:

For practice with number bonds and multiplication tables.

Education City:

For maths games and tutorials. Pupils have a school log-in

BBC Bitesize

For maths games and tutorials.



White Rose Maths

For parent and pupils resources and maths curriculum overviews.

Mathematics Information

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