PTA Pool Rota

Rota Booking System:


  • The pool rota will be on a first come first served self-booking system. When we have received your application form to become a PTA Pool Club Member you will be emailed a link to the Live Rota. It is then the member’s responsibility to choose their rota duties.
  • All members must ensure that they have added the correct number of duties into the rota to match their membership type (2, 4, 6 or new joiner 2 shadow/2 duties)
  • The self-booking rota has a new tab for every week, scroll and click on the date tab on the base of the spreadsheet to open that week.
  • Select the blank cell and type your full name into the cell.
  • In order for the pool to open on the rota 2 members are required to do duties. Please therefore try and double up with another member who has selected their duty already on the rota to ensure there is sufficient rota cover for the pool to open.
  • Please do not overtype or delete any duties which are already in the rota.
  • Please do not amend any of the formatting.
  • The rota auto-saves on exiting so simply close the spreadsheet when you have completed.
  • First time members must rota themselves for 2 shadow duties first, followed by 2 standard duties. Shadow duties should be 1 x opening duty and 1 x closing duty. The 2 standard duties must then be added to the rota on dates after the shadow duties have been completed.
  • As in previous years, depending on the number of members it is likely that there will be some non-rota swimming during the summer holidays.
  • If you rota yourself for a double duty please allocate 1 gate duty and 1 supervisor duty.
  • The rota must be covered for term time after school sessions so if you are able to cover these please do so.
  • It is advisable to act quickly if you have limited availability for supervisory duties as the rota is first come first served.
  • Priority Saturdays – If you are able to do a weekday please do so to leave Saturday duties clear for others who have less flexibility. On a Saturday priority should be given to those with under 5’s and any member whose work prevents them from being available to carry out a duty on a weekday as per previous years.
  • If you have any questions regarding the new self-booking rota please email

Important Notice:

  • Those on duty should arrive on time to carry out their full duty, if you are running late we would ask you to email members so that a stand-in can be found.
  • If you are on rota but on the day find you cannot make it for any reason you should email members so that a stand in can be found, and you should book yourself an alternative available slot on the rota by emailing
  • All those on Supervision duty must have their full attention on the pool.
  • Supervisors must ensure that the pool rules are adhered to at all times.
  • Supervisors cannot be in charge of a child under the age of 5 whether they are in or out of the pool.
  • Those undertaking Supervisor and Gate duties are in charge of the pool and their instructions must be obeyed at all times.
  • First time members must carry out two shadow duties before undertaking their two full duties.
  • All pool club members must read and understand the Operating Procedure & Rules, any queries should be raised with the pool club team


  • We know that on occasions not all pool club emails will make it to all members so please check your SPAM folders regularly.
  • We also ask members to make use of the parents Facebook page to broadcast any messages.

Copies of Rota:

Please ensure you have checked the rota so you are aware when your duties fall.

Most recent copy of the rota will be uploaded here.

A week by week copy of the rota will be displayed in the outdoor noticeboard next to the Swimming Pool gates.