PTA Pool Club

Aldryngton School PTA Pool Club 2020


Applications for Aldryngton families to join the PTA Pool Club will be live from Wednesday 18th March 2020.

The deadline for Pool Club applications is Friday 24th April 2020.

If you wish to join Pool Club you must complete the online application form below – first you must read the Operating Procedure & Rules.  You must also pay online before the deadline date to complete your membership.


Members open and close the pool by sharing a set number of Supervisory Duties, you choose how many duties you wish to do from 2, 4 or 6 (if you haven’t been a Pool Club member before there is a separate first time member option).  Members will need to allocate themselves 2, 4 or 6 duties on a Pool Club rota.  If you have limited availability to undertake duties then it is advisable to complete the rota early whilst more slots exist.

The 2020 Pool Club season will run from Tuesday 26th May until Friday 4th September.  The Pool Club is open after school from 3:30pm to 5 pm on schooldays and 2pm until 5pm on Saturday afternoons. In the school holidays Pool Club is open 2pm to 5pm weekdays and Saturdays.  Pool Club members can keep the pool open until 6 pm if they wish and members can open up the pool on Sundays from 2 pm to 5 pm and at certain other times if they can provide sufficient trained supervision, this is referred to as “non-rota swimming”.

Pool Club membership entitles the whole family – children and parents/carers – to swim.  On your application form you can choose how many 1.5 hour supervision duties you will do, which fixes how much you pay.

2020 Membership prices are as follows:

– First time members must select the first-time member option £50 (2 shadow duties & 2 supervision duties)

– 6 supervision duties £35

– 4 supervision duties £53

– 2 supervision duties £78

ROTA: The pool rota will be on a first come first served self-booking system.  You will be emailed a link to the Live Rota after applications close, after 24th April.  It is then your responsibility to choose your rota duties.  It is advisable to book your duty slots quickly if you have limited availability for supervisory duties.

The Pool Club will be closed on the following days: Friday 12th June for Try-a-Tri preparations, Saturday 13th June for Try-a-Tri, Sunday 14th June for Try-a-Tri post event chemical balancing/pool maintenance and Year 6 Leavers Party (date in July TBC). The Pool Club will also be closed for Triathlon Club on Wednesday 17th June.   School and the PTA reserve the right to close the pool at other times as occasion requires.

Pool Club members are required to attend one resuscitation training session except those that have a valid First Aid certificate (and have also been a Pool Club member previously).  There are three training sessions to choose from, all taking place in the school hall before the Pool Club season commences.  This year’s Resus Training sessions are Monday 4th May 8pm-10pm, Thursday 7th May 7pm-9pm and Saturday 16th May 9am-11am.  You should select which training session you’d like to attend when you complete the online application form, if both parents wish to share duties then both should attend a resus training session either together or separately, if separately select two sessions so that we have an idea of numbers.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:  It is essential that all members read and understand the Pool Operating Procedure and the Pool Club Rules, even if you have been a Pool Club member previously – reading and understanding the Pool Operating Procedure and the Rules is a condition of our Insurance so please ensure you do so, a copy can be found below.  Please contact us if there is anything you do not understand.

Any queries regarding Pool Club please email

Operating Procedure & Rules – to follow

Visitor Disclaimer Form – to follow

Important Message:  When completing the online application form below you must click on SUBMIT at the end of the form, failure to SUBMIT will result in your application not completing.  To pay online use the separate payment link AFTER clicking submit on the application form.  The payment link can be found on the PTA Pool Payment tab on the left.


Reminders re Pool Safety, Care and Conduct in and around the Pool …

  • Safety is paramount.
  • Small children, non-swimmers or less confident swimmers must keep to the shallow end.
  • Older children and confident swimmers are encouraged to use the deeper end.
  • Children should not play games that might submerge another child under the water.
  • Parents and guardians must supervise their child(ren) at all times.
  • All those on Supervision duty must have their full attention on the pool.
  • Woggles and pool equipment should be shared and used sensibly.
  • To preserve the life of the woggles and other equipment (many of these are new this year), and to prevent harm to others they must be used sensibly and not be beaten against each other, hit against the sides of the pool or used to hit other pool users.
  • Pool equipment in particular the sinking rings must not be thrown at great distances as these could strike a person, the rings are to be used only for their intended purpose.
  • Children should be reminded to consider those sat in chairs beside the pool so that they are not splashed excessively.  
  • Parents and guardians should ensure their child is abiding by the rules.

Pool Club FAQs:

Some of these questions have been asked before …

If your question isn’t answered here or within the Operating Procedure & Rules, please email your query to 

What size is the pool?

The pool is 17m x 7.5m and is 0.8m at the shallow end and 1.2m (4ft) at the deep end.

Who can join PTA Pool Club?

All Aldryngton families are invited to Join the PTA Pool Club so providing you have a child in Foundation or Years 1 to 6 at the start of the summer term then you can join. 

Please explain how the supervision duties work?

Members open and close the pool by sharing Supervisory Duties, you choose how many duties you wish to do from 2, 4 or 6 (there is a separate first time member option).  You must allocate yourself 2, 4 or 6 duties on the Pool Club rota.  Duties are carried out from the poolside.  Each duty is a 1½ -hour shift.  Only those who have attended a Resuscitation Training session or who are qualified First-Aiders can be Supervisor, if you are not trained or exempt for any reason you must be on duty with someone that is resus trained.  The standard opening times of 3:30pm – 5pm on schooldays and 2pm – 5pm on Saturdays and weekdays in the holidays require approximately 262 1½-hour shifts. If there is a shortfall in the number of shifts volunteered, some days will be made non-rota, these will mostly fall in the second half of some summer holidays.  Feel free to contact us with details on

What do the supervision duties entail?

Both members on the duties rota will be responsible for opening, operating and closing the pool as outlined in the operating procedure and rules.  The duty of supervisor means you must watch the pool to ensure children are safe and are behaving in accordance with the rules, you should conduct frequent headcounts to ensure number in the pool match the number in the attendance book, you must ensure the Pool Rules are adhered to. One of the two supervisors will sit poolside near the entrance gate and will write the names of swimmers in and out of the attendance book as they arrive, the supervisor on the gate must keep an eye on numbers in the attendance book ensuring the pool doesn’t exceed maximum capacity and they will also conduct a headcount of swimmers in the pool to be sure they match the number in the attendance book, both supervisors must watch the pool. At busy times there may be a third member on duty acting as supervisor watching the pool, they must be resus trained, this enables the pool to exceed 20 and go up to a maximum of 35. 

If I’m on duty do I need to enter the water? 

Except in the case of an emergency those on Duty do not enter the water – you are supervising from the poolside.  

Please explain the situation with children under the age of 5.

Siblings or guests under the age of 5 are permitted to use the pool but in order for an adult to operate the pool either on rota or non rota, arrangements should be made for a friend or family member to look after your under 5 while you’re on duty.

Can adults use the pool?

Adults are welcome to use the pool.  To clarify, unless accompanying a child under the age of 5 then any adults entering the water should be included in the number of bathers in the pool.  An adult with an under 5 counts as 1.  Numbers must not exceed 20 with 2 supervisors on duty or 35 with a 3rd supervisor.  This is a condition of our insurance and must be adhered to.

Are guests welcome to swim?

Members can bring guests to the pool (maximum of 4 guests per family), guest tickets are available to buy on the gate for £2.50 per person, payable by any person entering the water.  A visitor disclaimer must be completed for all guests entering the pool.  The disclaimer form is available on the gate or can be printed from the website and completed in advance.  Only visitors that are not Aldryngton families are permitted to use the pool as a guest.  During the school summer holiday, year 6 pupils having just left Aldryngton and any other leavers are still considered Aldryngton pupils and therefore cannot use the pool as a guest of another member, current year 6 pupils must have purchased a family membership to swim in the summer holiday.

We are pool club members but I cannot take my children as I’m working, can my parents take them? 

Yes, as long as you are pool club members your children can be taken to the pool by other adult family members such as grandparents, or they can be taken to the pool by childminders or friends.  Non Aldryngton children that are not part of the family membership wishing to swim must buy a guest ticket.

Why is the pool only open until 5pm on school days?

Members will be rota’d for Supervisor and Gate duty from 3:30pm until 5pm on schooldays but the pool does not have to close at 5pm – it can remain open for non-rota swimming until 6pm. Except on the sunniest days, experience has been that the only children swimming by 5pm are those of the parents on duty. If the pool is kept open after 5pm, the rules governing non-rota swimming must be observed. In particular, those staying on must be willing to relieve the rota’d supervisors (unless they are responsible for under-5s) and help with closing the pool at the end of the session. (See the Operating Procedure and the FAQ on non-rota swimming below.)

Why is there a choice of price/number of supervision duties?

The PTA wants to ensure that as many Aldryngton families as possible are able to enjoy the Pool Club. Past market research has shown that the need to commit to six or seven hours of pool supervision duties can be a deterrent to some families joining, particularly those with both parents in full-time jobs or those with an under-5.  Without wanting to undermine the collective community nature of the Pool Club, it is hoped that offering membership with a reduced number of duties will encourage more families to join. (Note that children who are members can come to the pool under the supervision of another adult member.) Conversely, it is appreciated that other members appreciate the low cost of Pool Club membership and will be willing and have the time to do more supervision duties.

Why don’t we abolish supervision duties and employ a lifeguard?

The PTA examined this option several times some years ago. At the time it was established that to employ a lifeguard, even at National Minimum Wage, would add at least £20 to the cost of membership. There would be the additional burden of dealing with the administrative side of employing someone, along with the issues of recruitment and retention. In addition, the pool could only be open when the lifeguard was on duty – i.e. there would be no non-rota swimming. It is also felt that this would undermine the principle that the Pool Club should be a community collective, needing the input of all its members to function.

Do I need to carry out my duty if raining?

You must be prepared to open the pool come rain or shine, unless there is thunder and lightening.  If it is raining before your opening up duty starts and you suspect nobody will want to swim then you can email all members to ask if there is interest in swimming, if there is then you should open.  The pool should not be opened in thunder and lightening.  There are some golf umbrellas in the Pool Cupboard.  

After I’ve opened the pool for non-rota swimming, I can’t get anyone to take over as supervisor. What can I do?

If no-one is prepared to take over supervision, close the pool. (See Rule 2)

The Operating Procedure for non-rota sessions states: “The names of those acting as supervisors must also be recorded in the Attendance Book. Should anyone refuse to participate in supervisory duties (other than those with children under 5) this should also be recorded in the Attendance Book. Members are reminded that the Pool Club is a collective community activity that relies on the mutual cooperation of its members for its success. If you are asked to take on Supervisor duties during non-rota swimming, please be willing and prepared to do so.

How do I contact other pool club members?

You can contact all members by emailing  A list of phone numbers can be found on the members list with the attendance book. 

You can contact the main pool club organisers by emailing

I’m Supervisor and there are over 20 getting in the pool – how do I choose the third Supervisor?

By custom, the third supervisor is the adult accompanying the 21st child. If they are exempt (not qualified by attendance at a Resus Training session or if they are in charge of an under-5) then the next qualified adult should be asked. (See Rule 6).  A third supervisor will enable 35 bathers in the pool. 

There are more than 35 bathers wanting to swim, what shall we do?

In particularly busy periods there might be more bathers than normal wanting to use the pool.  This is rare at any time other than straight after school on a hot day.  In this instance the supervisors should initially find out if anyone will soon be leaving – this could immediately solve the problem if someone is about to leave.  Once the pool is full to capacity it is full and members can choose to wait or not.      

Accidents, Incidents and Emergency Procedures:

  • A stocked first aid kit is available in the Pool Cupboard.
  • All accidents must be reported in the accident book and brought to the attention of the Pool Club Co-Ordinators, this includes incidents of sickness or other bodily waste in the pool.
  • The PTA take all accidents and incidents extremely seriously, if you have any concerns then you must bring them to our attention so they can be dealt with. 
  • Laminated documents containing Resuscitation Flow Charts and Swimming Pool Emergency Procedures are dotted all around the pool area – on fences and on doors, please familiarise yourself with these documents. 
  • The Swimming Pool Emergency Procedure provides details the Whistle Blowing Policy (one sharp blow = stop/look/listen, two sharp blows = everyone out).
  • If a child has sustained a bump to the head it is the discretion of the parent and those on duty as to the action taken.  If child has sustained a bump that is visible and/or requires treatment then the recommendation is they do not re-enter the pool. 
  • If bodily waste ends up in the pool then the pool should be immediately cleared of swimmers and the pool should be closed.  The waste should be removed from the pool if possible using the net provided and disposed of down the toilet.  Contaminated play items such as floats and woggles etc should remain in the pool as they will be sanitised as part of the next chemical dosing process. Place the cover on the pool.  The pool should remain closed and the site controller and pool club co-ordinators notified.
  • In the case of an total evacuation of the area, the assembly point is the gazebo/junior playground. 
  • A defibrillator is located inside the school building in the office foyer, access to it is only possible if the main school building is open for holiday club or for staff.  

I have a serious safety concern, who shall I talk to?

Refer to Point 3 of the Operating Procedure, laminated copies are with the attendance book and also copies are attached to the poolside fences.  All accidents must be reported in the accident book and brought to the attention of the Pool Club Co-Ordinators as soon as you can, email  The PTA take all accidents and incidents extremely seriously, if you have any concerns then you must bring them to our attention so they can be dealt with.