Please find copies of recent communications sent home:

Summer Term 2023

Swimming Pool Lesson Timetable 2023
Lower School – Summer Term Newsletter
KS2 Multiplication Competition
Foundation Stage – Summer Term Newsletter
Middle School – Summer Term Newsletter
Swimming Pool Donation 2023
Upper School – Summer Term Newsletter

Spring Term 2023

KS1 (Year 1) SATS Guide
Lower School end of Spring Term Letter
Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check letter
Foundation Stage Book Viewings
Parents Evening information and bookings
Proposed Strike Action Feb-March 2023
Middle School Spring 2023 Newsletter
Foundation Spring 2023 Newsletter
Lower School Spring 2023 Newsletter
Upper School Spring 2023 Newsletter
Spelling Bee Letter
Spelling Bee Lists

Autumn Term 2022

Welcome to Foundation

Summer Term 2022

Lower School End of Term letter
Lower School History Show and Tell Sep 2022
Quidditch Letter
Sports day and Swimming Galas
US Swimming lessons parental help
MS Swimming lessons parental help
LS Swimming lessons parental help
Wellbeing Update
KS2 Multiplication Competition using Times Tables Rock Stars
Middle School DT Project
Swimming Pool Donation Letter

Spring Term 2022

Lower School End of Spring Term letter
Upper School Easter Holiday letter
Whole School Art Exhibition
Upper School Struan Murray Virtual Session
Year 4 Multiplication Check Letter
World Book Day 2022 Story Relay
PTA Pool Club Membership 2022
Foundation Stage Home Challenge
Poetry Homework House Competition 2022
Middle School Soup Making Letter
Foundation Stage invite to see your child’s learning journey and literacy book.
Foundation and Lower School Phonics presentation information letter
Middle School Welcome back Spring 2022 newsletter
Upper School Presentations 2022
Upper School Autumn to Spring term newsletter
Foundation Spring Term update
Spelling Bee Word List
Spelling Bee Information Letter
Upper School Bayeux Tapestry
Middle School Soup Making
Lower School Welcome back information letter Jan 2022