Statutory School Information

Statutory School Information

School contact details

Name: Aldryngton Primary School

Postal Address: Silverdale Road, Reading, RG6 7HR

Telephone number: 0118 926 5843

The members of staff who deal with queries from parents and other members of the public are
Miss Benham and Mrs Done

Our Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO) is Mrs Seemungal.
She is available on 0118 926 5843 or email

Summary of Catch Up Strategy

Please see Summary of Catch Up Strategy for more details

Admission Arrangements

Please see our Admissions page for more details

Ofsted Reports

Please see here for information on our Ofsted reports

Exam and Assessment Results

This will be available soon

Performance Tables

The DfE school performance tables website can be found here.


School curriculum details can be found here

Behaviour policy

The School’s behaviour policy can be found within the policy section of the website

School complaints procedure

The School’s complaints policy can be found within the policy section of the website

Pupil Premium

Details on Pupil Premium can be found here

PE and sport premium for primary schools

Details of sports funding can be found here

Equality objectives

Our Public Sector Equality Duty Statement and associated action plan can be found within the policy section of the website

Governors’ information and duties

Governor information can be found here

Charging and remissions policies

Our Charging and remissions policies can be found within the policy section of the website

Values and Ethos

This section will be added soon

Requests for paper copies

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on our website, we will provide this free of charge

CV19 – risk assessment – updated 24th February 2021

Click HERE

Further Statutory documents