Leave of Absence: The Department of Education has advised schools to only authorise leave of absence/holidays in exceptional circumstances. Absence will not be authorised for family holidays, extended visits linked to a key family event or study leave to prepare for external tests and exams.  Please complete the form below and return to school at least one month before the requested absence.

Leave of Absence form pdf version                             Leave Of Absence Form word form version


Sickness –  if your child is unwell and unable to come into school please telephone the school office between 7:45am and 9:20am on their first day of absence and subsequent days if your child walks to school on their own.  On their return it is important to send a written explanation either by letter, email or using the Confirmation of absence form of their absence for our records.  This is a requirement from the Local Education Welfare Officer.  Thank you for your co-operation.


Administration of Medicines: Under the Health & Safety at Work Regulations, Headteachers and staff are advised not to administer medicines to children unless a parent has signed a request form and agreed to the conditions under which it is to be administered. It is not possible for us to give your child medicine unless you complete and sign this form. 

Administration of Medicines form  pdf version       Administration of Medicines form word version