School Dinners

School meals are eaten in the cafeteria for all year groups.  Lunchtime starts at 12pm for Foundation & Lower School and 12.15pm for Middle and Upper School.  Lunch break ends for all pupils at 1.10pm.

Pupils can choose between a school meal or a home packed lunch. Pupils inform their teacher or their choice each day at morning registration. The teacher records their meal choice and reports this to the school office who record their choice on the system.  The School Office then informs the Kitchen staff so ordered meals can be prepared.

From September 2014 children in years foundation, year 1 and year 2 will be entitled to a free school lunch.

Further information regarding lunchtime arrangements and lunch time play can be found in the school Prospectus.


Our school meals are provided by Caterlink.

We are now able to accept secure online payments for your child’s school dinners.

To Register
A letter detailing your username and password will be sent home for each of your children at school.  Please use the details from your youngest child to register. Other children will show in a drop-down list when you are registered and logged in to your account. (Please note that you are asked for “email address” on the login page, but for your first login only you need to use your “user name” as provided on the letter. After that you will use the email address that you provided.) If you have any questions or problems please contact the school office.

Similar online payment systems have already been installed in many schools nationally, bringing a number of important benefits:

  • Simple to use web interface.
  • Payments made are secure and reliable.
  • Parents can view their full payment history online.
  • Reduction in risk of pupils losing cash.

Payments for catering are made directly to:
Caterlink Ltd
The Waterfront
300 Thames Valley Park Drive

Please note that your bank statement will display ‘Caterlink Ltd’ for these payments.