Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Page

Visions and Aims

At Aldryngton Primary School we believe that children should acquire both the knowledge and skills to be physically confident. Our curriculum aims for children to:

  • Understand a range of movements, skills, tactics and principles which they can apply in different scenarios.
  • Understand that their skills are transferable.
  • Celebrate and understand a range of physical activities that resonate with many of the children’s cultures.
  • Demonstrate resilience in achieving a positive end outcome.
  • Demonstrate creativity when trying to solve a problem.
  • Respect each other as learners, teammates and opposition in competitive games.
  • Understand there are acceptable ways to communicate with peers when they lose or win a competitive game.
  • Treat equipment with respect and understand how to use the equipment appropriately.
  • Choose our word choices with great consideration when sharing and reviewing work.

Scheme of Work

When planning our PE lessons, we use the scheme ‘Get Set 4 PE’ which provides detailed plans for the wide variety of sports and activities we teach at Aldryngton. Teachers the differentiate the activities to ensure all children are provided with the correct level of challenge for their skill set.

Online Resources

Get Set 4 PE provides information for families on how to stay active and healthy with no login required. The link for the general website is

A specific page within the website which could be useful at home is . This page provides families with a vast range of fun, physical activities to try at home. So many of these activities are accessible with resources being items that could typically be found at home.


At Aldryngton, we are very proud to offer a range of physical activities and sports at our after-school clubs. Some of these are led by USports and others by members of teaching staff. Typically, we offer these to children in Years 1-6. Please look out for any emails which introduce a new club at various points in the year.

Curriculum Overviews


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Middle School

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