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School Closure: Upper School Music

BBC Bitesize KS2 Music Essentials For children who like to sing: Gareth Malone’s Home Chorus on You Tube – live streamed every day at 5,30pm. Fun singing warm ups and a new song to learn each week:

School Closure: Upper School: Write Your Own Historical Fiction Competition 2020

“One of the key attributes of historical fiction is that it has a convincing setting in a past time and place. Students can set their stories in ANY* period or place in the past, so the story can fit in with and extend any historical topic you may be studying. Winning students will each receive […]

School Closure: Upper School Creative Writing Stimulii – Short Writing Tasks

School Closure: Upper School: French Work

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School Closure: US – ED: Wonder By R J Palacio Page 281 – 288

Page 281 – Bear Page 284 – Ducks Page 288 – The Last Precept

Mrs Fenning And Miss Morgan Wonder 02 My Cave Page 217

Mrs Fenning and Miss Morgan – Wonder – 01 – Lowbots – Page 211

School Closure: Upper School: Week 2 Work

School Closure: US – ED: Wonder By R J Palacio Page 268 – 275

Page 275 – Aftermath Page 271 – The Emperors Guard Page 268 – Voices in the Dark

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