Pirates of the Curry Bean – Costume information

Pirates of the Curry Bean – Lyrics

Lower School: Songs for the Christmas play

Tick Tock It’s a Long Way to Bethlehem Bye Bye Are We Nearly There Yet? Faster Than a Rocket Travelling Jump Up! Come and Worship Rejoice With Us

Fee Fie Fo Fum Songs

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Songs for the Lower School Nativity 2018

01 – Two Thousand Years Ago 02 – Bumpy Journey 03 – No Accomodation 04 – There Were Shepherds 05 – Hey Ho Away We Go 06 – Go to Sleep 07 – Wise Men 08 – In a Stable 09 – Its a Party!

Lower School Songs 2017 (Mrs Smith/Mrs Coleman’s class)

These are the songs for Mrs Smith/Mrs Coleman’s class Bring Me Sunshine Dumplings Eat Me Fast Food Song Kilele Little Fish That Got Away Our Dustbin Our Dustbin 1 (Backing Only) Our Dustbin 2 Our Dustbin 3 Sunshine In My Heart The Grew It The Herring’s Heid The Honey Bee The Mango Tango The Pork […]