Online Safety

Online Safety: Buying your child a new device for Christmas? 5 tips for staying safe

Follow our five tips for setting devices this Christmas to help keep your child safe.

Online Safety: What is the Internet of Toys?

The Internet of Toys are toys that connect to the internet. Similar to the Internet of Things, these toys can be controlled using a smartphone app, voice commands or using a Bluetooth connection. Read more here

Online Safety: Sharing pictures of your children online

Most parents love sharing photos of their children with friends and family. But remember – pictures you share online could be out there for ever. Learn how to protect your child whilst staying social. Read more here…

Online Safety: Having a conversation with your child

Starting a conversation with your child about a sensitive issue or something you don’t usually talk about isn’t always easy, especially if this means you will be talking about things they prefer to keep private, but there are ways to make having these conversations with your child easier. Read more here…

Online Safety: TikTok: everything you need to know about the video production app

You may have heard of (think of it as a kind of karaoke platform). TikTok is the new name for the expanded version of the app, which enables users to upload, watch and create short videos of between three and 60 seconds. Please read more here

Online Safety: 11 things you should know about loot boxes

Parents and carers may have seen stories about ‘loot boxes’ in the news in the last few weeks. We’ve written this article to lay out all of the key information about loot boxes, what they mean for young people and their online safety, and what you can do to encourage safe and responsible usage. Read […]

Online Safety: Gaming or gambling

Parent Zone and GambleAware have partnered up to help families learn about the gambling-like risks children may face when playing online games – and simple practical things parents and carers can do to keep gaming fun and safer. Please see for more information    

Online Safety: Gaming: What parents and carers need to know

This article originally appeared at As with any form of technology or online space, adult offenders can use gaming platforms to target children and build relationships with them. This article explores the different elements of gaming and how they can be used by offenders, and what you can do to support your child whilst […]

Online Safety: Digital Parenting Magazine Issue 7

Online Safety: Ofcom report on Children and Parents Media Use and Attitudes