Online Safety: Supporting your child with reporting unwanted content online

You may already have regular conversations with your child about what they do when they go online. Perhaps you have even agreed upon suitable websites for them to explore. But, as it is not possible to control all the content that is posted online, it is important that your child feels confident about what to […]

Photonews: Upper School 23rd September 2020

Photonews: Upper School 23rd September 2020

Upper School are studying The Americas and are looking at works of art by Navajo artist, Tony Abeyta. Mrs Dunn’s class have been using watercolours to create their own works in the style of Tony Abeyta’s painting, ‘Corn Prayer’. The children have also been compiling a list of questions which they are going to send […]

Online Safety: 10 ways to use the internet positively

There is often negativity surrounding how young people use the internet and whether they know enough about the risks. Helping your child to be resilient is really important, but these conversations don’t need to overshadow the ones about the opportunities. It’s really useful to discuss the positives – all the ways in which the internet […]

Lower School Timetable Sept 2020

Lower School Curriculum Overview Autumn 2020 Part 1

Privacy Notice for the PTA and storing pupils/parents information (How we use pupil information)

2020 Sports Funding Report

Online Safety: Watch online safety films created by young people

During lockdown over 130 young people across the UK got creative and made short films to inspire their peers to stay safe online and make the most of the internet.

Online Safety: Understanding PEGI ratings

PEGI unpicked: UK video games ratings explained in full

Online Safety: The 6 apps and services that every parent should know about

A guide for parents to some of the most popular apps children use online