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Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 5

7.15am A very early start for the children this morning as they have had to strip their beds and be packed ready for 7.30. We have two more activities this morning, one being Dragon Boating for all groups.

We expect to be back at school by about five o’clock but this depends on which ferry we catch and whether there is heavy traffic on our journey.

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Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 4 (cont)

9.30pm The disco is over and everyone is back in their own chalets. Most of them are very tired so hopefully they will all go to sleep very quickly.

Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 4

6.45am Good morning from Little Canada! Some pleasant sunshine late yesterday as shown in the above photo. This morning we have a strong breeze with broken cloud. Activities today include Archery, Zip Wire and Jacob’s Ladder.
9.15am The children have started today’s activities. The chalet’s have been kept very tidy and today the highest score for inspection was nine and a half out of ten. This was awarded because the chalet had no litter, neatly made beds, shoes paired up in tidy lines, towels airing, and shell decorations for the finishing touch! We have had a light shower earlier but are hoping it will stay dry for us.
1.45pm The children have just finished lunch and we have sung “Happy Birthday” to Alistair; then we all had a piece of his birthday cake. It is becoming windy again and the children are getting very excited about tonight’s disco.
6.00pm The children are just setting off for dinner. They are still very excited!

Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 3

7.00am Good morning from Little Canada! Cloudy with a strong breeze here today. The children are being woken up so they can get themselves organised. Activities today include the Sensory Trail and the Giant Swing.
1.45pm The children have had an opportunity to go to the shop and have just finished lunch. They are now getting ready for their afternoon activities. A little light rain during the morning but nothing to affect our activities. The wind is still rather gusty.
8.15pm The children are now running around the site trying to find flag signs as part of a “Passport to the World” activity. Some are looking very tired so we think they will sleep very soundly.

Photonews – Little Canada Day 2 (cont.)

7.00pm We have just had dinner and the children have settled down in their chalets to write their diaries. The afternoon session of canoeing had to be cancelled like the morning session because of strong winds. This evening the children will be taking part in an activity called Ambush, which seems to involve running around the site in the dark!
9.55pm The wind has dropped for now and the temperature is dropping fast. The children are in their chalets settling down to sleep although we can still hear some chatter at the moment. Most children are quite tired after a very active day and will no doubt drift off to sleep quite quickly.

Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 2

7.00am A very windy night here on the island and we suspect we will not be able to do the planned canoeing today. Most of the children are up and are getting themselves organised for the day. Breakfast is at 7.40.
12.45pm Everyone is back at the chalets waiting for lunch. As expected canoeing had to be cancelled but the children enjoyed themselves with Aeroball and Low Ropes this morning. We also had groups on the Trapeze and Problem Solving. It is still quite windy but the sun is trying to break through.


Photonews – Little Canada 2018 Day 1

7.30pm We arrived safely at Little Canada at about four o’clock having had a very good journey. The crossing from Portsmouth was smooth and the weather is sunny. The children have had their evening meal and are getting ready to walk half a mile down to the beach for a beach fire with songs and stories.
9.45pm A lovely evening on the beach with the stars out and the lights of Portsmouth shining across the water. The children are now settling down in their chalets for the night.

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You may already have regular conversations with your child about what they do when they go online. Perhaps you have even agreed upon suitable websites for them to explore. But, as it is not possible to control all the content that is posted online, it is important that your child feels confident about what to do if they come across harmful content online — or something they (or you) think could be illegal.

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Photonews: Upper School 23rd September 2020

Upper School are studying The Americas and are looking at works of art by Navajo artist, Tony Abeyta. Mrs Dunn’s class have been using watercolours to create their own works in the style of Tony Abeyta’s painting, ‘Corn Prayer’. The children have also been compiling a list of questions which they are going to send to the artist as he has said that he is happy to help them with their studies.

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