Photonews: Little Canada 2017 Day 3

7:15am Good morning from Little Canada. Patchy cloud at the moment but we are expecting showers during the day. All the chalets were awake and getting organised before seven o’clock, except for one! This morning’s activities are Abseiling and Tunnel Trail for most of the children; going high and going low. This afternoon we will be taking a coach to Alum Bay and then walking out to The Needles at the western end of the island. This page will not be updated until this evening.

9:15pm A very busy day is now coming to a close. Fortunately for us the promised rain did not fall and we stayed dry on our walk to The Needles although it did get rather windy. Abseiling was very popular with the children; this year’s group is coping very well with working at height. The children were also impressed with the grand views around the western end of the island this afternoon. They have spent another evening running around and will soon be getting ready for bed.