Governors: Ian Head

Name: Ian Head.

Role: Chair of Governors.

Member of: Finance Committee, Staffing Committee.


Governor Profile:

I have had a long association with Aldryngton having been both a pupil and a parent of the school. My background of both parents and my wife being teachers has the enthused me to be involved in a school from a different angle.

In my time as a parent I have been involved in the PTA for a number of years and then as a Governor since 2006. I have continued as a Governor even though my children have left the school and are both at university.

Currently I am the Chair of Governors also sittting on the Finance, Staffing Committees and the Communication group.

Aldryngton strives to give its pupils the best start in education and but is also keen to widen their experiences in other fields as well. This gives them a strong start to life which sets them up for later years. I know both my daughters still feel a great affection for their time spent at Aldryngton (as I do). It is this that is the added extra that Aldryngton gives.