Winners of Nature Photography Competition

The winners for the House Nature Photography competition, entitled Nature in Springtime, have recently been announced. As in the past the standard has been very high. Well done to everyone who took part.
US First Katie Gould
Upper School First Place – Katie Gould 
US Second Michael Burchardt
Upper School Second Place – Michael Burchardt
US Third= George Hill
Upper School Third Place Equal – George Hill
US Third= Sanjana Shyam Prasad
 Upper School Third Place Equal – Sanjana Shyam-Prasad
MS First Esther Rock
Middle School First Place – Esther Rock
MS Second Rowena Shivam
Middle School Second Place – Rowena Shivam
MS Third Ananya Sarada
Middle School Third Place – Ananya Sarda
LS First Jack Bennett
Lower School First Place – Jack Bennett
LS Second Alec Jones
Lower School Second Place – Alec Jones
LS Third Annalise Collins Webb
Lower School Third Place – Annalise Collins-Webb