News item – Winners of the Storybook Character competition

In celebration of World Book Day Mrs Smith held a house competition in which children were invited to draw their favourite book character.
The winners were:
Lower School: 1st Noah Major, 2nd Honor Maskell, 3rd Lara Coleman
Middle School: 1st Emily Cannon, 2nd Tomas Jamieson, 3rd Eva Raheja
Upper School: 1st Lisa Sanders, 2nd Cora Jamieson, 3rd Esther Windisch

Forty eight pupils entered the competition. A point was awarded to each entrant and then 7, 5 and 3 points were awarded to first, second and third place (respectively) in each part of the school.
The points thus given to each house were:
Wallaby – 51
Kiwi – 19
Beaver – 17

Well done to everyone who entered! Please scroll down to see the winning pictures.

Lower School Winner – Noah Major (Beaver)
LS 1 Noah Major Beaver
Lower School Second Place – Honor Maskell (Wallaby)
LS 2 Honor Maskell Wallaby
Lower School Third Place – Lara Coleman (Kiwi)
LS 3 Lara Coleman Kiwi
Middle School Winner – Emily Cannon (Wallaby)
MS 1 Emily Canon Wallaby
Middle School Second Place – Tomas Jamieson (Wallaby)
MS 2 Tomas Jamieson Wallaby
Middle School Third Place  – Eva Raheja (Beaver)
MS 3 Eva Raheja Beaver
Upper School Winner – Lisa Sanders (Wallaby)
US 1 Lisa Sanders Wallaby
Upper School Second Place – Cora Jamieson (Wallaby)
US 2 Cora Jamieson Wallaby
Upper School Third Place – Esther Windisch (Wallaby)
US 3 Esther Windisch Kiwi