PTA – Try a Tri



Applications are now open for the 2018 Try-a-Tri, the deadline to enter has been extended to Monday 11th June.

You can register your child using the online application form below, Section 1 is information only, Sections 2 and 3 will need completing and submitting in order to process the application.

Please enter your own child once they have finalised their team and they’ve decided upon a Team Name.

A supply of paper registration forms are beside the PTA post box in the office foyer – you can help yourself to one if you need a paper copy although we would prefer you to book online if at all possible as this reduces the amount of admin involved for those organising the event.

If your child would like to take part but doesn’t have a team please email and we will try to help you.

Everything you need to know is contained within Section 1 of the application form and within the welcome booklet.

Please may we remind you that the Try-a-Tri is a PTA event and therefore teaching staff and office staff are not involved with the organisation. Teachers will not be able to help your child find team mates and office staff cannot help with registering your child or answer questions about the event.

Try-a-Tri Sponsorship Form

Try-a-Tri 2018 Welcome Booklet for Participants

Try-a-Tri 2018 Parent Helper Booklet for Volunteers

Try-a-Tri Event Map