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Online Safety: How to set up Parental Controls on Your New Devices

From the NSPCC “Christmas has arrived and, with it, new devices. But are they safe? 46% of parents told us they don’t have parental controls set up on the devices their children use. We have step-by-step advice for activating security settings, helping you keep your children safe online.” See more at

Online Safety: Safer Internet Centre Information Pack for 7-11 year olds

Education Pack for 7-11s This Education Pack provides a range of resources to help you deliver sessions with 7-11 year olds, whether you are a school, youth group, library, police service, or wider. This pack includes: Lesson plan Assembly presentation and script Drama Scripts Poster Quick activities Whole school or community activities Social media activities

Online Safety: Anti-Bullying Week

Read about Anti-Bullying week here

Online Safety: NSPCC NetAware Website

Please visit the NSPCC NetAware website here

Online Safety: An Introduction to Online Gaming

Online Safety: An Introduction to Online Gaming

Online Safety: Parental Controls

What are parental controls and how can they help children stay safe online? Parental controls are a key part of a parent’s online safety toolkit and a great first step to helping protect your child online, although they’re not a one-stop solution to staying safe. Talking to your children and encouraging responsible behaviour is still […]

Online Safety: Live Streaming Information for Parents

(this information was taken from What is live streaming? Live streaming is the broadcasting of real-time, live video to an audience over the internet.  All you need to be able to live stream is an internet enabled device, like a smart phone or tablet, and a platform to broadcast on.  You can liken it to […]

Online Safety: YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids YouTube Kids is designed for children aged 12 and under Google recently launched the YouTube Kids app, designed to offer only child-friendly content. You can’t make comments or upload your own videos to YouTube Kids. Parents can also turn off the search feature and set a time limit for how long their children […]

Online Safety: Digital Parenting Magazine Issue 6