Upper School Download Link for ICT February 2019

https://www.dropbox.com/s/ympwmoellqk997t/Moi%20Government%20Official.mp4?dl=0 download here

Costume list for Fee Fie Fo Fum

Fee Fie Fo Fum All chd to have black leggings and a black long sleeved, roll neck top Character Narrator Boys Brown trousers, brown/green waist coat or jacket, flat cap Narrator Girls Full skirt, mob cap, shawl, walking stick Mother Full skirt, apron, mob cap Jack Shorts, waistcoat, flat cap, neckerchief Daisy White long sleeved […]

Online Safety: Safer Internet Day 2019

Please follow these links Internet Matters: Safer Internet Day NSPCC: Talking to your child about staying safe online Net Aware: Your guide to the social networks your kids use Safer Internet Day 2019: How to help your child be kind to others online Vodafone: Story Time      

Photonews: Earth Day – The 4 Rs

Photonews: Earth Day – The 4 Rs

Online Safety: Secret Conversations on Facebook – A Parent’s Guide

Secret Conversations on Facebook: a parent’s guide There’s a little-known feature on Facebook that allows your child to send and receive private messages and images you won’t be able to see, even if you have the log in details to their account. Here’s what parents need to know about Secret Conversations Secret Conversations offers Facebook […]

Cross Country Results – January 2019: Race 3

Cross Country Results – January 2019: Race 3

Online Safety: Safer Internet Day 2019 TV


Online Safety: What do children and young people think about screen time?

Online Safety: The health impacts of screen time: a fact sheet for parents

Foundation Curriculum Overview Spring 2019 Part 1