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Photonews: Little Canada 2017 Day 4

7:10am Good morning again from Little Canada. Mr Holloway has been out knocking on doors to wake the children up but the response has been a bit sluggish this morning. Plenty of cloud in the sky but there are breaks. Canoeing is the main activity today with two groups out this morning and the other two this afternoon.


5:55pm Very good canoeing sessions both this morning and this afternoon; ideal tide and weather conditions. Other activities were also good. The forecast rain became just a patch of drizzle so didn’t really affect us. Children getting ready for dinner now. Then they will be getting ready for the disco.


Photonews: Little Canada Group Photo at The Needles

Photonews: Little Canada 2017 Day 3

7:15am Good morning from Little Canada. Patchy cloud at the moment but we are expecting showers during the day. All the chalets were awake and getting organised before seven o’clock, except for one! This morning’s activities are Abseiling and Tunnel Trail for most of the children; going high and going low. This afternoon we will be taking a coach to Alum Bay and then walking out to The Needles at the western end of the island. This page will not be updated until this evening.

9:15pm A very busy day is now coming to a close. Fortunately for us the promised rain did not fall and we stayed dry on our walk to The Needles although it did get rather windy. Abseiling was very popular with the children; this year’s group is coping very well with working at height. The children were also impressed with the grand views around the western end of the island this afternoon. They have spent another evening running around and will soon be getting ready for bed.


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Photonews: Little Canada 2017 Day 2

7:00am Good morning from Little Canada. The evening’s rain has gone away and the day looks promising. Everyone slept well and some children are up and organised already; others are still thinking about it. Breakfast is at quarter to eight followed by a busy day doing activities including Catwalk, Problem Solving and Jacob’s Ladder.


3:15pm The children are currently out on their third activity of the day. This morning’s sunshine has been replaced by light cloud but it is very pleasant here. Chalet inspection showed that the children had made a real effort to keep things tidy – well done!

9:35pm Lights out five minutes ago. The children have been to the shop, a high priority for most of them, and have had an enjoyable evening running round the site. Most look fairly tired so hopefully they will settle down quickly!


Photonews: Little Canada 2017 Day 1

 6:10pm Hi from Little Canada! We arrived just after 12 o’clock after a very good journey. The Solent was as smooth as a millpond and the sun was shining. Had our sandwiches on the grass, followed by two afternoon activities. The children are very excited and just about to head off for dinner. This evening we are walking down to the beach for our beach fire.
9:45pm Children now in bed but still chatting as it is not “lights out” yet. The wind made the beach fire rather cold and the rain shower didn’t help. The quality of the singing was good; we obviously have some choir members with us!

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PhotoNews: Upper School Visit Food Science Laboratories at the University of Reading

Upper School have visited the Food Science laboratories at the University of Reading as part of their current science work on microbes. They thought about what it means to be a scientist and conducted experiments with yeast as well as examining agar plates on which bacteria had been cultured from the children’s swabs of their hands, armpits etc!

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